Commercial & Industrial Fences

When you need a fence constructed, contact ADA Fence Company, Inc in Palmyra, Maine. We are a professional fence company catering to clients requiring residential, commercial and industrial fences.

Security Fences:

Security fences are made for one purpose: to keep your property safe. We offer chain-link, barb wire and razor wire fences to choose from.

Ornamental Fences:

Coming in numerous styles, this fencing is available in iron, steel, or aluminum and suitable for residential, commercial or industrial settings.

Chain-Link Fences

Our chain-link fences are available in a variety of grades from residential, commercial, security or industrial. You can also choose from a variety vinyl coating on our chain link. Black and green are our most popular colors, but others are available for special order. Slats for the chain link are available in many colors for you to install yourself, or we can do it for you. Privacy screening or tennis court mesh is also available in all kinds of colors and grades of transparency.

Temporary Fencing:

Temporary fencing for security of commercial or residential projects and events. Chain link 4', 5', 6', 8'. Driven or panels, barb wire or privacy screening.


We offer all types of gates for our fences such as steel, aluminum, and PVC with manual or motorized operation. Please contact us for more information on any of our fences, gates and other services.

Vinyl Fences:

Vinyl fences are available in styles ranging from solid, spaced or rail. Choose from color selections including white, black, tan or gray.

Wood Fences:

At ADA Fence Company, Inc, we deal in Maine Cedar, Western Cedar and Locust with styles that come in solid spaced or rail. These will make a wonderful looking fence on your

Pet Kennels & Athletic Facilities

ADA Fence Company, Inc is not only a fence contractor, but we also build pet kennels and athletic facilities. Drop in and give us your ideas and let us make them happen for you.

Pet Kennels:

We handle portable and in-ground kennels that will be the answer to all of your pet kennel needs. We can drill through your already existing pad to create the kennel exactly to your specification. Please contact us for more information.

Athletic Facility Construction:

ADA Fence Company, Inc constructs an assortment of athletic facilities. Just bring us your plans and you'll get a free written bid on the job. Once you accept the bid, your project will be slated to start usually within two weeks. The projects we construct include tennis courts, soccer fields, swimming pool enclosures, outdoor basketball courts, and baseball field backstops.